The future of voting technology


Transparent and trusted digital voting system.

It’s no secret that today’s voting technology is outdated. It’s time to modernize our election systems to meet the needs of American voters.

Leading the way in accessibility

  • Exceeds the latest accessibility requirements with built-in features such as audio ballot, multilingual support, variable contrast rates and much more.
  • Uniform voting experience for all people, regardless of ability, situation, or context.
  • Voters can vote wherever and whenever they want without worrying about waiting on the mail.

Votes are safe and secure

  • Immutable data storage for all election content including ballots, voter lists, authentication requests and responses, returned votes, spoiled ballots.
  • Industry-vetted and accepted encryption technology for protecting sensitive data.
  • Follows mobile security best practices for securing devices and applications.
  • Custom made air gap device that handles security-sensitive processes.

Protects the right to a secret ballot

  • Maintains voter privacy by never storing any identifiable voter information on any device.
  • Does not tie identifiable voter information to collected votes.

Transparent and verifiable

  • All data is available publicly during pre-election, live election, and post election activities.
  • System is maintained during election cycle by groups of mutually distrustful parties forcing all parts of the system to perform honestly and accurately.

A cost-effective add-on to your current voting system.

VotingApp is also secure, accessible and verifiable for voters who rely on mobile solutions.  

We are looking for innovative, forward thinking partners to run VotingApp pilots. If you’re looking for an affordable way to provide mobile voting to UOCAVA voters, voters with disabilities and emergency responders, schedule a demo.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is mobile voting secure? How do we protect against hacking and other security threats?
You mentioned “audit trail”. Would VotingApp produce a paper audit trail?
How would VotingApp know if the person voting is a real, registered voter?
Is VotingApp blockchain? Why should blockchain be used for voting?
Will this app be open source?
How do you protect voter privacy?
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White Paper

Review technical details of our end-to-end verifiable mobile voting system.

Read our white paper to learn how we solve the problem of data verifiability while maintaining voter privacy.