Transparent and trusted mobile voting.

Election technology is outdated. VotingApp can be an integral part of making elections more secure and accessible. With VotingApp, you can cast your ballot from your smartphone at your convenience without sacrificing privacy or security.
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Protect your vote with leading device and data security

  • Security checks to ensure your device is free of malware.
  • Two factor authentication to ensure no one can vote for you except you.
  • Data encryption techniques that meet or exceed all industry standards.
  • Immutable data storage for your vote, that you can verify at any time.

Navigate the process easily with accessible and intuitive layout and design.

  • Adherence to the latest mobile accessibility standards ensuring an equitable voting experience for all.
  • Acceptance of user provided accessories meaning voters with disabilities don’t have to learn new technology to vote independently.
  • Voters with disabilities can vote using the native iOS and Android accessibility tools and screen readers, or they can use VotingApp's enhanced built-in accessibility features.

Track your vote from beginning to end.

  • Before submission, view all selections, make changes, leave the app and return at a later time to finish your ballot.
  • After submission, verify your vote, as you marked it, has been submitted and counted.
  • Only you know your ballot selections, maintaining voter privacy.

So when will I be able to vote from my smartphone?

Many private organizations such as local political parties and unions are using mobile voting already.  In terms of public elections, many states offer mobile voting alongside existing voting methods like in-person and mail voting, primarily for Uniformed and Overseas voters as well as voters with disabilities who wish to vote from home.
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